Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) can take your production facility to a higher level of automation. Due to their collaborative and autonomous nature, they can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure of the plant. To complete the picture in the full automation of the production floor for our clients, Contec can provide a turnkey solution for the equipment and the supply and removal of material. In order to provide our client with a quality AMR solution, Contec has entered into a partnership with MIR (Mobile Industrial Robots), a leading manufacturer of AMR robots. Contec is able to fully integrate the MIR robot into the production environment, this includes:
  • Increasing the system's security when required for the customer's application;
  • Supply and installation of standard top modules (ROEQ);
  • Design, delivery and assembly of customised top modules;
  • Interfacing with the fire system;
  • Control of automatic doors;
  • Communication with the lift system if necessary;
  • Control of warning lights at critical locations;
  • Communication with the production lines for material or material transactions;
  • Adaptation to the presence of existing AGVs.
The benefit of AMRs can only be fully realised if it is correctly integrated into the plant's workflow. This can be achieved by using an existing MES system or our CPMS framework, which is able to adapt to the existing software package already present on the shop floor and send the requested commands to the AMR solution. Our CMPS framework is built on top of the MIR solution and takes care of the interactions of the production software packages (ERP, WMS, MES, ... ) with the necessary data. Depending on the desired solution, additional workflow tasks/checklists for operators can be included in our CPMS system. Some examples of tasks that can be handled by CPMS:
  • Material request to the WMS system;
  • Operator tasks in the prep centre that must be carried out before the goods can be transferred to the right location by MIR;
  • Tracking of material;
  • Material request from the production lines;
  • Coordination of AMR & AGV systems.