In close cooperation with the piping and process engineers, we ensure that the existing electrical hardware infrastructure is safe and reliable and evolves with the times. We specialise in electrical and industrial safety.Expanding your production? We help you through the entire project cycle and design the required electrical infrastructure for the production installations.
What can we do for you?
  • Feasibility & basic studies
  • Making investment cost calculations
  • Power studies and electrical safety
  • Smart instrumentation, analysis and valve specification
  • Design of electrical installations and (ATEX/IECEX ) control and operating panels (in EPLAN P8, IN-tools, Comos, Promis.e or SEE Electical).
  • Furnishing of technical rooms and control rooms.
  • Preparation of construction kits and measuring sheets with which your electrical contractor can carry out the installation.
  • Digitisation, management and as-built creation of your existing drawings
  • EPLAN P8 support, configuration and development to create your ideal EPLAN design environment
  • Commissioning and construction supervision
  • Preparation and evaluation of CE files.
  • Performing risk analysis.

Power studies and electrical safety

Our power department specialises in a wide range of electrical studies, high-voltage projects and electrical safety. The various software packages we use for this are ALPI Caneco BT, SKM Powertools and Easypower.Our services:
Short-circuit current calculations
Evaluation of safety devices and electrical cabinets
Cable calculations (load, voltage drop, indirect contact)
Motor start studies
Selectivity studies
Arc calculations (Arc Flash)

Industrial safety

Our certified functional safety specialists take into account risk analysis of both existing and new infrastructure. Based on their findings, we jointly determine the safety level with which the installations must comply. We then design and validate your safety circuits to ensure that your systems are safe and available.
Process safetySoftware: exSILentia
Machine safetySoftware: Sistema

Case study: new tank farm

A customer asked us to design and supply the electrical and automation systems for a new tank farm for storing an acid. The acid product will be unloaded from barges and loaded onto trucks and ships. Safety is crucial in this project.The task of our team consisted of the specification of the main instrumentation and the engineering and design of the distribution, MCC, PLC, tracing and lighting of the cabinet (in EPLAN P8). The power study, carried out with SKM Powertools, provided the fault-tolerant design of the electrical protection devices and the distribution and motor cables. The architecture of the ring network guaranteed the availability of the automation systems. The redundant PLC system was designed to combine safety and control signals.The SIL level was validated with calculations in exSILentia. As we did not have our own construction team, we engaged an experienced E&I contractor in an industrial environment. Together, we successfully started up the installation.

Case study: upgrade PLC system batteries factory

The automation system in the powder department of a battery factory had to be technically upgraded after 25 years. After making an inventory and validating the electrical diagrams, we made a new design in EPLAN.The control of the motors, placed in one large board with a length of 12 metres, also had to be replaced.The available space in the technical rooms was limited and we had only one extended weekend of 4 days to carry out the dismantling, construction, testing and commissioning. A suitable contractor was selected based on a clear construction file. The team of our software engineers together with the contractor were able to hand over an upgraded and working production plant to the operators on Monday morning.