For decades, IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) have worked in two different areas. But the real value of modern technology lies in the convergence of both. IT and OT are evolving rapidly. OT is currently facing the challenge of implementing a new, higher standard of technology and security while maintaining a focus on manufacturing.Our Industrial IT professionals understand your unique needs and help transition to industry 4.0.

What can we do for you?

  • High available virtualised infrastructure
  • Converged Plantwide Ethernet
  • Business Contingency Planning
  • Migrations and upgrades
  • Cyber security audits and integration
  • Pro-active monitoring
  • Support contracts 24/7

Industrial Cybersecurity

Because technology is constantly evolving, security measures towards cybersecurity should also evolve continuously in IACS platforms.Our experts will guide you through the layered security model, inspired by the ISA 99 Industrial Cybersecurity Standard. The result is the protection of your system against multiple lines of attack, with the biggest risks being tackled first, incorporated into an action plan for today and the future.For Contec, these activities go far beyond performing a scan or selling a software package. We'll examine your system's strengths and weaknesses in depth, evaluating the 100 most important points of concern based on years of experience.

Technologies used

VMware Data Centervirtualization
MS Windows Serverplatforms
Cisco IndustrialNetworks
Thin and mobilesolutions

Case study: a converged ICT design for a new factory

One of our customers asked for a converged ICT design that was simple, durable, secure and expandable before starting up a complete new factory. More than 1000 IP devices had to be integrated. We started with the physical segmentation of Office, DMZ and Production networks. Ring structures were used to reduce cabling costs and increase redundancy. We then logically segmented each network using VLANs. The server room was structured in such a way that it could automatically fix any type of hardware error using VMware High Availability and redundant switches. Using virtualisation and thin clients, we ensured that 40 user stations automatically received their published applications and could be replaced within minutes.Finally, redundant firewalls were installed for secure office access, remote assistance and diagnostics. The system has been running smoothly for several years and our customer is expanding the factory with a new production line and user stations. No additional hardware is required for the virtualised server room.