Who are we?

Contec is an international engineering company specialised in improving and automating industrial processes and machines. Our 250 employees guarantee expertise and results. As a system integrator, we operate in a wide range of sectors, including the food and (petro)chemical sector, tank terminals and consumer goods. We prepare your company for the future. That's our mission. For Contec, automation means more than just improving processes and machines. In all projects, Contec strives for substantial added value for the economy, people and society. We are firmly convinced that automation creates space for more meaningful jobs and more job satisfaction for employees in companies. This is how Contec wants to contribute to a better industry and society.

How we work

We provide a total approach: we advise, design, develop and realise system integrations of industrial processes. The customer is central and we start each project from the customer's needs. For each project, we carefully put together a team that will bring a project to a successful conclusion with full dedication and the right competencies. Our teams are close to the customer, know what is needed and have received the best training. They are always looking for the most sustainable solution for each challenge. Our teams work according to a structured project approach. This is not only transparent, efficient and budget-friendly, but also guarantees the best results.

Our values

Trust and professionalism are ingrained in our DNA and our customers can count on it. Our employees are all professionals who take ownership and adopt a flexible attitude in order to achieve their goals. We strive for improvement every day. Not only in our projects, but also for people and society.

3 reasons to work with us

Long-lasting customer relationships

Over the past 35 years we have built up an enormous wealth of experience. The far-reaching insight we have gained into our customers' activities enables us today to think along fundamentally about their processes and needs. Our success stories have not gone unnoticed by our system suppliers either. For example, Contec received certifications at the very highest level from many partners. This means we can offer our clients a rock-solid quality guarantee.

Independent market position

We realise industrial automation projects entirely in-house and with our own specialists, making us completely independent of third parties. In this way, we can also work tailor-made for each customer. Moreover, we are an SME with a flat organisational structure. Both internally and externally, there are short lines of communication that enable us to make decisions quickly. Our independent structure means that we do not have to take foreign capital into account. We respond very quickly to new technologies or changes in the market. This enables us to continuously offer our clients innovative solutions that provide them with added value and a competitive advantage.

Professionals with a sense of responsibility

Our work and success stand and fall with our people. We find it important to invest in our people and relationships. Our employees are given the space to train and develop themselves. They are one by one professionals who can commit themselves flexibly and take ownership of every project. The customer feels that: they can sleep on both ears.

In which sectors do we work

Contec is active in a wide range of sectors, including (petro)chemical, consumer goods, tank terminals and the food sector.

In which sectors do we work

Contec is active in a wide range of sectors, including (petro)chemical, consumer goods, tank terminals and the food sector.
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Our technology platforms

Our certifications

Our activities

Contec is an international engineering company specialising in improving and automating industrial processes and machines. As a global system integrator you can come to Contec for both the start-up of a new production line and the improvement of the existing production process. We offer advice in the field of electricity & instrumentation, automation, MES and industrial IT.

Electrical engineering.

In close co-operation with your piping and process engineers, we ensure that your existing hardware infrastructure is safe, reliable and evolves with time.

Manufacturing control.

Also on PLC & SCADA level, we help you to continuously adapt and optimise your production floor.

Manufacturing operations management.

Manufacturing companies need stable software platforms that are flexible, efficient, secure but above all easy to use.

Industrial IT.

Our Industrial IT professionals understand your unique needs and help you make the transition to Industry 4.0.


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Our history

A story of continuous growth

Three instrument engineers - Frits Stegeman, Marnix Vandevoorde and Gratiaan Top - set up the Contec organisation together. The young Contec is located close to the port of Antwerp and initially focuses solely on instrumentation technology. Over the years the activities have expanded to include the complete industrial automation of production processes, electrical power studies and safety studies. By constantly making a difference and striving for higher added value for our clients, Contec is growing strongly.
Shortly after its establishment in Antwerp, Contec opened a satellite office in Kortrijk.
Gratiaan Top, as the remaining founder, passes on the operational management to the second Contec generation.
Contec establishes its first international branch in Romania (Ploiești). This is currently home to thirty Romanian engineers.
Contec starts a branch office in Amiens, located in northern France. In September of that year, two French colleagues join the company. Today, the French team consists of fifteen people. At about the same time, Contec hires Polish engineers for the first time.
By analogy with the Romanian office, Contec is starting a subsidiary in Łodź, Poland, in the summer of 2014. Currently, the Polish Contec team numbers 15 people.
Contec celebrates its 30th anniversary.
Contec decides to set up a subsidiary in Newcastle (UK), which now employs six people.
Contec is starting up its newest branch office in Hasselt. Besides the three people working here permanently, this office will also be used as a flex office for employees working in Antwerp but living close to Hasselt. In total, Contec today has about 250 employees in 5 countries, each with their own specialization.

Working with us

We work value-driven. We start from trust and professionalism. We work with a flat structure. Beginners and more experienced engineers learn from each other. We give you room to grow and give you input for an optimal project strategy. We expect you to take your job into your own hands. You will have the opportunity to gain experience in an international context, in various sectors and segments. If you aspire to add value, you are in the right place with us!