System integration with PackML

We regularly encounter problems with end customers' system integration projects for packaging lines. Matching and guiding OEMs to expectations is not always easy. We solve this by implementing a full PackML approach.



Every end customer dreams of installing new packaging lines in a plug-and-play setup, with all functional results including OEE targets, data and operational dashboards. With PackML, we create a common look-and-feel for the operator to facilitate operation and maintenance during troubleshooting. We prepare your production for upcoming Machine Learning algorithms and AI implementation tools with PackML.

Contec can deliver this from the first day of the start-up.



As an OMAC member, Contec embraces and masters the PackML methodology and approach as an implementation standard. We guide your expectations to the OEM(s) deliverables, install and deliver a transparent and effective control system.



Our approach, services and deliverables result in:
- Transparent integration of the packaging line system
- Shorter project delivery times
- OEE ready (technology independent) from start
- Data integrity
- Operational transparency that reduces ops learning cycles
- Vertical start-up by reducing problems with system interfaces
- Easy after sales support
- Ready for innovative next steps in Machine Learning and AI algorithm tools.


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