Partnership Ignition

Contec is excited to announce a new partnership with Inductive Automation to include their Scada/Vision Ignition technology stack into our standard service portfolio. Becoming a golden certified partner of Ignition will allow us to extend our services within the ever-challenging manufacturing marketplace. The partnership is driven based on following key parameters:
  • Ignition market penetration with state-of-the-art SCADA driven software
  • The Ignition platform has full CPMS (Contec Production Manufacturing System) interoperability allowing us to combine real-time operations, dashboards, and digital workflows into 1 total manufacturing IIoT platform.
  • Adding Ignition to our services allows to fully digitize manufacturing shopfloor with best-in-class technologies in place.
  • AI initiatives can be easily configured and integrated by use of the Ignition-CPMS IOT concept.
 Inductive Automation is specialized in creating industrial software. Ignition®, one of their brand products, brings affordable Digital Transformation to your industrial operations. For the low cost of one server license, you can connect all your devices and collect more data. Create unlimited tags and add as many users as you need. And design custom applications that instantly web-deploy to virtually any industrial or mobile device — all for one flat rate. We are highly committed to providing our customers with the best possible service portfolio and believe that this partnership will help us achieve this goal. Do not hesitate and reach out to us to get better insights about this partnership and the added services and solutions it brings.